today i want to wear flowers...

because after all that i have eaten this thanksgiving weekend, my cloths don't fit.
{ from bloom magazine }

much love monday

Happy Monday! Today i am loving my new air plant. I picked it up this weekend at emerald petals on mississippi avenue in Portland. Isn't it beautiful!? I hope this one does better than my last one :).
{ photo by me, much love monday brought you you by much love }


inspiration board # 7: blue christmas

" I'll have a blue christmas..."
Have you seen the new Rue Magazine? Well there is this fabulous christmas styling by bash please which has got me going a little tinsel crazy! What do you think? I think its a super fun idea for a christmas wedding!
winter wonderland
{photos from top left to right by: Karen Wise photography, Feather Love via Rue, Feather Love, Allyson Magda, Cara Stricker, Feather Love}


DIY project: Yarn balls

I LOVE this! I think i am going to start by making a few small ones and stick them in some clear vases. They remind me of snow balls! 
{from martha stewart}


much love monday

I am loving 1950's fashion! (I even made my own high wasted a-line skirt that i am going to wear for thanksgiving!)
{photo by Carlotta Manaigo for Elle italia Nov 2010, via dustjacket attic}

Much love monday brought to you by much love


bringing in a little holiday cheer

For a while now I have been collecting fallen acorns from the oak trees all over the city. I love these little guys around a large candle, but they can also be used on your table, or in a clear vase stacked high. If your not up for collecting them, or all the little critters have already taken them all for dinner, then I know pottery barn sells fake ones.

I also bought some rose hips from trader joe's. These stuck in a vase and put on a mantel, are a super easy way of brining  holiday cheer into your home.

{photos by me}
Stay tuned for more easy and inexpensive ways of bringing in a little holiday cheer!


much love monday

So lately I have been feeling uninspired. Not sure why, but i decided that in order to get inspired i better start doing things that bring about inspiration, like blogging. Much love monday is an easy way to get going. Thank you to anna over at much love for this awesome way to share with the blogging community about what i am loving... So today i am loving my new smart phone and this retro camera application, and my beautiful kitties that make me oh-so-happy all the time! Here is to a beautiful day!

{photos by me, much love monday brought to you by much love}


a festive wreath

I am going to make a wreath! So excited about it. Thinking something like this one that I spotted over at the little flower school in New York. Isn't it gorgeous??!!!

{images by little flower school }

I'll post pictures of mine once i finish.


much love monday

I love fall!

I found these fallen leaves right outside my building. Aren't they fabulous???

{much love monday brought to you by much love}