let's all wear flowers // in the hair

acacia is one of my favorite early spring flowers. i decided to wear it in my hair in the most simple way imaginable...i just tucked pieces of it into my braid. almost any flower can be worn this way. just pull small pieces off, keeping your stems a medium length, and stick them through your braid... wallah! just like that, you are wearing flowers in your hair!
{photos by jane in the woods}


let's all wear flowers // intro

i am going to be starting a new weekly blog series called "let's all wear flowers". the idea is to get more people to daily wear flowers.  big fancy floral crowns are perfect for a wedding, but what about everyday!? well i will be showing you ways to, simply, wear flowers...be it around your neck, on your wrist or in your hair! i hope you join me!
{photo by jane in the woods}


backyard bouquet // spring

i picked all these flowers (except for the rannunculus) from my sisters yard a couple weeks ago. i'm jealous of her yard, but she does let me come and pick whatever i want as long as i make a little something for her, so i can't complain. the rannunculus are from a farm not far away, they have the most beautiful rannunculus around. more of this beauty coming soon!
{photo by jane in the woods}