have a glamorous weekend!

what are your weekend plans??? do you plan on watching the royal wedding? my friend is recording it and we are going to have a tea party, complete with little sandwiches and big hats.
{photos by, 1: baldovino barati via dustjacket attic 2: emily steffen via the knotty bride  3: delbarr moradi via wedding chicks}


it's all in the details: guest book

i'm loving these unique guest book ideas... the finger tree, here designed by the groom, where each guest leaves a finger print on the tree.
i also love this unique idea that my sister came up with for her wedding... she and her husband took poloroid pictures of themselves, enough for all their guests, before the wedding. then they hung them during the reception of the wedding and asked each of their guests to exchange a photo of themselves for a picture of the couple.  the best part was looking at all the cute pictures of the couple and the pictures each guest took.  now they have a pile of poloroids of each of their guests sitting on their coffee table that they can thumb through, and each guest as a poloroid picture of the lovely couple to remember the day by.  
{photos 1&2 by joli photographie; 3,4,5,6,7&8 by phillip wise photography}


she wears big hats

i am loving big hats these days, maybe inspired by the royal wedding, they add a beautiful mysteriousness to the wearer. 
{photos by 1&3: rodney smith 2: yuval hen via dustjacket attic 4: via bloom magazine 5: camilla akrans via triple max tons 6: serge leblon}


i'm addicted

it's true.  i have a problem.  i am addicted to buying flowers.  i buy flowers for my home before i buy groceries for my husband.  we may not have money to go out and watch a movie on date night, but at least my house is full of color. anyone else have the same problem as i do? here are the flowers you would see in my house today.
tulips, ranunculus and wax flower... and one of my beautiful cats, tips.
{photos by me; head over to small but charming to see more flowers in the home}

pretty pastels

I hope everyone had a lovely easter, i love spending time with my family.  my post today is inspired by the beautiful pastels of easter. enjoy.
{photos by: 1: little brown pen 2: via petite-lapine tumbler 3: abby jiu via wedding chicks 4: elizabeth messina via luna and chloe weddings 5: augie chang via style me pretty 6: martha stewart 7:elizabeth messina via her blog kiss the groom ; head over to much love to see what other people are loving today.}


happy earth day

today and everyday, lets honor our earth and make conscious daily decisions to become more sustainable and to minimize our mark on the earth... turn off lights when not in a room, use reusable bags when shopping, buy local food and clothing, recycle your trash... every little thing helps.  peace and love

{pic via everything fabulous... while you are there, check out the 6 tips for celebrating earth day}

easter yellow

i am wishing everyone a lovely easter weekend.  i will be spending time with my family, eating lots of yummy food, coloring easter eggs and making sugar cookies in the shapes of eggs and bunnies.  today, excited by this weekend, i am loving and inspired by yellow...

{photos by: 1: polly wreford via bridal banter 2: via luna and chloe weddings 3: tibi via everything fabulous 4: via swanky tables 5: via we heart it 6: geninne's art blog


it's all in the details: message in a....egg

I just have to post this little do-it-yourself that i saw over at luna and chloe weddings since easter is this weekend.  I love this cute and unique way of sending a little love message to your family and dear friends, how to instructions here.
tying this DIY project into weddings.... i can see these eggs used undied as table decor for a natural farm wedding.  Brown eggs, removed of their insides and filled with a "thank you" note from the bride and groom would add a nice personal touch to the wedding. Do you have other ways to use the message-in-an-egg??? I'd love to hear them.

{photos via poppytalk, last pic by annie mcelwain via 100 layer cake }


what!!! sunshine!!!???

Well after what felt like months with no sun, the sun is finally out... and it is supposed to stick around for a little while.  Today i am planning on spending the entire day in the warmth of the sun. What are you doing on this lovely monday?
{photo found via pinterest}


a rainy weekend

I picked up these beautiful daffodils at the farmers market this weekend. Aren't they the most unique color you've ever seen??  Such a nice change from the yellow ones.  It rained all day, a heavy soaking rain.  This week is supposed to be sunny... at least it's sunny in my house thanks to these beauties!
and yes, i am wearing rain boots under my maxi dress... the ground is soggy from so much rain.

{i had to drag my hubby out to the duck ponds behind our apartment to take these pictures...thanks babe!}


it's friday!!!

I am planning on going to the farmers market this weekend with a girlfriend and after we are going to sit and talk about her wedding plans!!!  What are you doing?  May it be a beautiful weekend for you all.
{what a perfect weekend look!!! photo from toast catalog ( i just ordered my first toast catalog... so excited!) via a glamorous little side project}