wedding whites

i've been so busy lately that i haven't been posting much.  so today i thought i would do another collection of beautiful white wedding details for you, and hopefully i will be inspired to do more posting!
{photos 1 &2: sadly unknown (if you know, please share); 3-7 from bloom magazine issue #21}


under the weather

been sick for what feels like weeks now. going to enjoy some relaxing time on my couch...with lots of tea, kleenex, oh and puppy slobber...almost relaxing.
{photo via le voyage creatif}


happy love day

sending you lots of love and flowers today!
{photo by bri emery}


dazzling chandelier

i need one of these for my house!  designed by gang design, these test tubes can be filled with a number of things, colored water, sand, flowers...i would fill mine with the latter of course.  so cool.