backyard bouquet // a mix of spring and summer

i had the pleasure of house sitting the most beautiful house in southeast portland earlier this month. the front and backyard were full of blooming beauties. i made this arrangement with blooms clipped from the yard and am still dreaming about being back in the beautiful city oasis that my lovely friends have created.
{photos by jane in the woods}


lets all wear flowers // flower tattoo

i like to call this one the flower tattoo...it's super easy to make and it will last all day (or night). you will need a band-aide (i like using the clear ones so they don't show at all), some glue (i used regular old elmers here, but i would suggest a floral glue, it is stronger and dries a lot quicker), and a flower. i went out back and picked this lovely rose, and cut the stem and back off. i then glued the rose to the non-sticky side of the band-aid. once it is dry you can stick the band-aide flower on your body! i'd also recommend cleaning the skin with some rubbing alcohol before attaching the band-aid, this will help it to stick all day long. this is one of my favorites! hope you like it too!
{photos by jane in the woods}


backyard bouquet // spring flowers

oh the peony...the flower coveted by most brides and worshiped by the flower lover...here i mixed it with rannunculus, snowballs, columbine, angel vine and flowering foliage i found growing in my mom's yard.
{photos by amy w. photo}


lets all wear flowers // around the finger

 today we are making a simple rose ring. this beauty makes a big statement with out much effort at all! i just went out back and picked a few roses growing in the yard. then i cut the stem and the back of the rose off, you want to cut it as close to the rose as possible so it lays close to your skin. then stick some wire through the backside of the rose and wrap it around your finger. cut off the remaining wire and tuck it back up under the flower so it doesn't poke you. just like that you have a beautiful flower ring!
 ellie just had to get up in the mix...i'd say she was a fan of the rose ring.
{photos by jane in the woods}


lets all wear flowers // around the wrist

today i am going to show you how to  make a floral bracelet. i used rannunculus as my main flower and then used some mock orange blooms and a few dusty miller and fern leaves as little accents. start by cutting your stems super short and then arrange the flowers, putting the main flower in the middle and using your accent flowers to fill in, then use floral tape to tape it all together. then take a piece of ribbon and cut a whole in the middle, large enough for the short stems of you little floral posey to fit through. put the taped flower ends through your whole and then take some floral glue and glue around the whole on the backside of your bracelet, this will keep the flowers from falling through the whole. once the glue has dried you can tie it on! i would wear this one out dancing...gotta show it off! ;)
{photos by jane in the woods}


backyard bouquet // spring

spring is so abundant with so much life and beauty. we are so blessed to be able to experience and be a part of it daily. this beauty was made mostly from flowers found in my moms backyard. the wild roses and honeysuckle were found on the side of the road, invisible to most, asking to be noticed and appreciated...and now they can be. happy spring!
{photos by amy w. photo}


lets all wear flowers // in the hair

are you ready for another super easy way to wear flowers in your hair!? all you need are a few hand picked blooms, some bobby pins and a friend. just go out and pick a beautiful blooming flower from the yard, here i used mock orange, and pull off a few blooms and have a friend bobby pin them into your hair. i love how easy and casual this look is...and easy, did i mention how easy it is!? 
now go find a forest of trees to run around in!
{photos by jane in the woods}