lets all wear flowers // flower tattoo

i like to call this one the flower tattoo...it's super easy to make and it will last all day (or night). you will need a band-aide (i like using the clear ones so they don't show at all), some glue (i used regular old elmers here, but i would suggest a floral glue, it is stronger and dries a lot quicker), and a flower. i went out back and picked this lovely rose, and cut the stem and back off. i then glued the rose to the non-sticky side of the band-aid. once it is dry you can stick the band-aide flower on your body! i'd also recommend cleaning the skin with some rubbing alcohol before attaching the band-aid, this will help it to stick all day long. this is one of my favorites! hope you like it too!
{photos by jane in the woods}


Mary said...

so pretty! adorable xx


Matt Johnson said...

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