a field of flowers and dreams

a few weeks back i had the privilege of working with amy on a photo shoot.  my sister makes these amazing accessories and wanted amy to take some pictures... i jumped in and asked if she wouldn't mind taking a few pictures of some bouquets of mine.  what we ended up with was a beautiful day in a field taking pictures of flowers to be worn {earrings made of tulip petals!!!} and carried (along with other beauties).
rachael has such a talent of coming up with unique and never been done before ideas... such as her collection of "live" jewelry.  above are the tulip and seed pod earrings. my favorite are the lichen earrings below, how much do they rock?
photos by: amy w. photo
floral design by: me
accessories by: my kiss love
special thanks to jessica for being such a beautiful model


Nicole LeLacheur said...

This is beautiful, I'm am re-blogging this first thing tomorrow, I hope you don't mind. Check it out! http://www.simpleandhandmade.blogspot.com

Oh, and I know this may have nothing to do with the jewelry and flowers, but I am obsessed with that purple nail polish.

Ahh I love everything about this!

Kristi said...

Oh everything is just fabulous!!! Love the flowers, and the hair pieces ;-)))


amberlee said...

oh my, i am in love with this post! So beautiful. I adore your bouquets xx

Jessica said...

That purple nail polish I am wearing, is just Martha Stewart glitter on top of wet top coat, sealed with more top coat.)

Nicole LeLacheur said...

That's such a great idea for nail polish, I'd never think of that!

And I didn't lie, here's your post re-blogged :) I absolutely love it!


Kelty said...

total gorgeousness!

Jackie said...

Love it SO much!!!!!!!


Helena said...

Wow! Until about 5 minutes ago I would have said I didn't like white flowers. I love what you've done here!!

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful photo shoot. Amy takes great shots and of course, you 3 girls are so photogenic. I am proud of you. Love, Mom