it's all in the details: dip-dyed

on this beautiful thursday, i am loving anything that is dip-dyed.  it's the new tye-dyed... more sophisticated and clean then the hippie-wear ( don't get me wrong, i love me some tye-dye).  what i love most about it, is that you can dye ANYTHING. for example, check out this spoon instillation at a museum in paris.
 i am totally loving these ombre dyed escort cards... i think that it is a great idea for the invitations as well.
I am planning on doing this one below for my next photo shoot.  I am going to take white napkins and dip them in blue dye!  i'm really excited to see how they turn out.  instructions here.
you can dip dye anything... tee shirts, shoes, white feather earrings, scarfs... do you have other ideas??  please share and happy dipping!!

{photos by: 1&2: thank you, ok 3&4: via once wed 5: via once wed}

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