india rising

have you seen the new anthropologie catalog??? well i just got mine in the mail today and i lit-erally (think rob lowe from parks and rec) gasped out loud at some of the beauty inside.  the colors, the patterns, the textures, all perfect.  here are some of my favorites.
{all photos from anthropologie catalog issue 5}


Sarah Klassen said...

Anthropologie always has the most intriguing catalogs don't they? I enjoy the many different locations that they shoot in and the beautiful pieces that they design. This one is stunning :)

Luna and Chloe said...

I swear they nail it everytime!!! I adore how each catalog has a specific locale ~ so not only do you see pretty amazing clothes and housewares, but you get to see an area/city too!

Oh, I just added you to my blogroll! Love your blog! It makes me smile ;-)))