lets all wear flowers // in the hair

i am a huge fan of using jasmine vine for little flower headbands because it is so beautiful and it bends quite nicely, making it easy to wrap around the head. here i used jasmine vine as the base for the headband and then wired on a few pops of color, using poppies and anemones. first i took a few pieces of jasmine vine and attached them, using a very thin wire, to make one long stem, and then wrapped them around my head to create the base. i then wired a few flowers to the jasmine vine. and just like that you have a super cute and simple flower headband, perfect for any festival or evening in the park.
{photos by jane in the woods}
photo outtake: tips getting in the middle of everything...oh how i miss him...


backyard bouquet // spring

this beauty was made from flowers all found in my mom's yard; clematis, snowball viburnum, lilac, forget me not's and ferns. so soft and pretty i want to curl up in it and take a nap.
{photos by jane in the woods}


on my table // spring flowers

i love this one so much i just have to share a few more photos of it. it is spring at it's best, with dancing poppies, rannunculus and spirea to name a few.
{photos by jane in the woods}


let's all wear flowers // around the neck

this week we are going to make a super simple spray rose necklace. i used a beautiful spray rose called "majolica". to make the necklace all you need to do is clip the rose off the stem, leaving very little stem on the rose, then take a needle and thread the roses together. i then just fit the flower necklace to the length i wanted it, cut the thread and tied the necklace on. this necklace held up so well, i was able to wear it a few days in a row, and got tons of compliments on it!
{photos by jane in the woods}


in my home // plants

i am a flower girl for sure, but i am also a plant lover, i guess i get it from my mom. every room in her house is over flowing with plants, most of which are cuts and clippings she is trying to propagate. my dad hates it, but he has learned to deal. i've just moved back in with my parents, divorce will make you do things you never thought you'd do (like move back in with your parents AGAIN). but here i am, grateful that i have loving arms to welcome me. my own collection of house plants have been divided among my siblings as it would be outrageous to add my collection to my moms. these are a few of my beauties that i am missing today... trusting that my sisters take good care of them.
{photos by jane in the woods}


let's all wear flowers // in the hair

this week i made a simple hair clip using rannunculus and privit berries. again, the idea here was to create something simple and beautiful that can be worn out day or night. first step is to trim off your floral stems, i then wired the rannunculus, using a hairpin method, placing the wire through the  bottom center of the flower, then bending the wire back through the top to create a loop so the wire doesn't pull through the flower. i then wrapped the wired flowers and some privit berry stems together using floral tape. the floral piece can now be bobby pinned into your hair. 
{photos by jane in the woods}


happy may day

today we celebrate springtime fertility

{flower mandalas by kathy klein}