love the way these images fade away. love the trees.
{photos by: 1: laura villa barconcelli via dja 2: jason and anna via every last detail}


flowers around

i picked these beauties from my mother-in-laws yard a few weeks back and thought I'd share them.  i love the deep rich purple of the lilacs.  i have had peonies in my house ever since the first blooms were ready this year (which seemed to take forever!). right now i have three different bouquets in my house that i made for a photo shoot that i did today... you will have to wait to see those till the end of the week. 
{head over to small but charming to see more flowers in the house}


it's all in the details: seating charts

there are so many fun and creative ways to let your guests know where they are seating. these are a few of my favs...
the old window
the old window, door or picture frame painted with chalkboard paint (how to instructions here)
you can also use picture frames
if you are wanting to go the escort cards route, then here are some ideas...
old keys buttons or other trinkets are unique and perfect for a vintage wedding
you could also paint the names and table number on rocks, or use clothes pins to hang them from ribbon attached to old doors, window shutters or even an old mattress spring.

anything can be used to mark the tables, but i especially like these ideas
{photos by: 1&17: jill thomas 2: katie stoops 3&4: via wedding window 5: via destination weddings 6: by clayton austin 7: by chelsea nicole 8: via crazy about weddings 9: via style me pretty 10: by beaux arts photographie 11&12: by jose villa  14: clayton austin 15: via flickr 16: by charlotte jenks lewis 18: by lauren crew}


first day of summer!

i wish i could celebrate poolside sipping on a cocktail or two...what about you??
{photos by 1&2: gabor jurina via dustjacket attic 3: unknown 4:kathryna hancock 5: tyler branch photo 6: via pinterest }  


painted flowers

i am in love with the beautiful art work of michelle armas (i actually have one of her prints hanging on my wall at home), and i love how once wed grabbed inspiration from her art to create these beautiful floral designs and a DIY project.
{photos 1,2,3 &5 from once wed; 4 from armas design}


rus anson

i am so inspired by the new rus anson work... her work is so amazing it makes my brain hurt and my heart ache. 
{photos by rus anson}



hello to all my new readers!!! you brighten my day.
{rodarte via a glamorous little side project}


it's funny

i came across this fantastic picture of a cat taking a nap on this green and white stripped floor... i have since seen other photos that look so similar in shape and color... it's kinda funny all the random places one can find inspiration.
{i wonder if the cake was designed after the first picture??? photos by, 1: via solid frog (who took the picture??? it is awesome and all over blogland)2: via drop anchors 3: by rus anson 4: mr. boddington via once wed 5: once wed }


it's all in the details: paper flowers

paper flowers!!?? i bet you didn't see that one coming from a florist. but for real, faux flowers can really add a lot to your wedding (and they can be inexpensive!). now i'm not suggesting that you use JUST faux flowers, we all know that there is nothing better then the real deal, but used in combination the two can make for a real statement wedding! You can put them on your cake... 
instructions on how to make crepe paper flowers hereyou can use them for your ceremony backdrop, my ultimate fav being from this wedding below...
you can make GIANT flowers and use them on your tables or to carry like this bride did, instructions here.
not interested in making your own? well bhldn sells some hand-made bouquets and garlands...but be ready to pay an arm and a leg, or go here for some single blooms.
i am also a fan of these feather flowers made by rebecca thuss, which can be used as boutonnieres, in the hair or in your bouquet.
the possibilities are truly endless and these flowers are easy to use, seeing as they don't need to be watered and kept out of the heat.

{photos by 1: martha stewart weddings summer 2011, 2&3: ashley rose, 4&5: ali degraff via 100 layer cake, 6: bhldn, 7&8: rebecca thuss}