ode to the poppies

oh the poppies are in bloom and oh how my heart sings!  they bring such a unique beauty to your flower arrangements and even fashion. i wish we could get them year round, but unfortunately they have a short, but exquisite life. do you love poppies as much as i do???
{photos by 1&2: feather love ; 3&4: anne-francoise pelissier via haute design; 5,6&7: jose villa


i can do it!

i start a new job tomorrow and i'm a little nervous.  i have to admit that i've really been enjoying being "unemployed" but someone's gotta pay the bills :)  so i thought i'd warn you, my wonderful readers,  that you might not be seeing as much of me of here; i will however continue to share my favorite things and inspiration, as well as details from all the beautiful weddings i have scheduled for this summer.  thanks for all your support my lovely readers!
{photo via my pinterest}


it's all in the details: pinwheels

who doesn't love pinwheels?? they are so fun and flirty and a great little detail to add to your special day.  you can make a bunch of them and take pictures in a field of pinwheels... or make super sized ones like this cute couple did.
you can also use mini pinwheels on your tables to add a little whimsy and playfulness to your centerpieces.
all sorts of materials can be used to make them... fun and funky paper that matches your wedding theme (i love the use of maps the featured couple used!) or use tissue paper like in the pictures above, instructions for making these delicate tissue paper pinwheels here, and paper ones here and you can purchase here.
and if you are feeling extra playful, you could wear the pinwheels in your hair (ladies) or on your lapel (gentlemen)!
{photos by 1,2&8: sarah layne; 3&4: jade + matthew take pictures via the sweetest occasion ; 5: elizabeth street; 6: hilton pittman photogoraphy via the wedding chicks; 7: ashley rose 8: sarah rhoads


rain bow

{ the beauty of the rain (and today we have plenty)... photos by angeles pena via (not)common people }



inspiration for a glamorous wedding... how fabulous is the dress below?? happy monday! hope your day is beautiful and glamorous.
{photos by: 1 via we heart it; 2 via pinterest; 3 via we heart it; 4 the baby doll; 5 via we heart it ... sorry for the lack of actual credit... i am so over we heart it, credit is never given where it is due... if you know who the photos are by please share!}


rainbow bright

i am totally loving lots of color... maybe it's partially because i am the color of a {red}tomato right now (soaked up a little too much sun yesterday). 
{photos by: 1: design sponge 2&7: hound, 3: natalie warne, 4: verabel, 5: oh happy day  6: lana gomez via the iconic blog 


it's all in the details: dip-dyed

on this beautiful thursday, i am loving anything that is dip-dyed.  it's the new tye-dyed... more sophisticated and clean then the hippie-wear ( don't get me wrong, i love me some tye-dye).  what i love most about it, is that you can dye ANYTHING. for example, check out this spoon instillation at a museum in paris.
 i am totally loving these ombre dyed escort cards... i think that it is a great idea for the invitations as well.
I am planning on doing this one below for my next photo shoot.  I am going to take white napkins and dip them in blue dye!  i'm really excited to see how they turn out.  instructions here.
you can dip dye anything... tee shirts, shoes, white feather earrings, scarfs... do you have other ideas??  please share and happy dipping!!

{photos by: 1&2: thank you, ok 3&4: via once wed 5: via once wed}


a field of flowers and dreams

a few weeks back i had the privilege of working with amy on a photo shoot.  my sister makes these amazing accessories and wanted amy to take some pictures... i jumped in and asked if she wouldn't mind taking a few pictures of some bouquets of mine.  what we ended up with was a beautiful day in a field taking pictures of flowers to be worn {earrings made of tulip petals!!!} and carried (along with other beauties).
rachael has such a talent of coming up with unique and never been done before ideas... such as her collection of "live" jewelry.  above are the tulip and seed pod earrings. my favorite are the lichen earrings below, how much do they rock?
photos by: amy w. photo
floral design by: me
accessories by: my kiss love
special thanks to jessica for being such a beautiful model