it's all in the details: pinwheels

who doesn't love pinwheels?? they are so fun and flirty and a great little detail to add to your special day.  you can make a bunch of them and take pictures in a field of pinwheels... or make super sized ones like this cute couple did.
you can also use mini pinwheels on your tables to add a little whimsy and playfulness to your centerpieces.
all sorts of materials can be used to make them... fun and funky paper that matches your wedding theme (i love the use of maps the featured couple used!) or use tissue paper like in the pictures above, instructions for making these delicate tissue paper pinwheels here, and paper ones here and you can purchase here.
and if you are feeling extra playful, you could wear the pinwheels in your hair (ladies) or on your lapel (gentlemen)!
{photos by 1,2&8: sarah layne; 3&4: jade + matthew take pictures via the sweetest occasion ; 5: elizabeth street; 6: hilton pittman photogoraphy via the wedding chicks; 7: ashley rose 8: sarah rhoads


amberlee said...

I am feeling the pinwheel love! great dyi inspiration x

donaville said...

looove the pinwheels. especially great idea for a photoshoot!

Pascale said...

Lovely ideas and lovely photo-shoot!

Meggie said...

Wow, I never thought pinwheels could hold so much mystery and twinkle!

Lexi said...

all of these pinwheels are adorable! I really like the brown paper ones with the map detailing. & they make great cake decorations too!

Ann said...

Those are really cute ♥

They have a little whimsy feel on them... and nice photoshoot in there ♥