around the house...on halloween

lots of pumpkins and dark, bold flowers...what about you?

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happy halloween



a little halloween weekend inspiration

halloween weekend is here...what are your plans? are you dressing up? i've had one party already, i dressed as frankenstein's bride, i did the huge hair and all, and i have another party tonight! whatever your plans are for the weekend, i hope it is full of fun with just a touch of spooky...here is a little weekend inspiration, black lace and a little goth. 
{photos 1: floral design and photo by saipua, 2: via bhg, 3: vera wang via once wed, 4: via design bureau, 5: unknown, 6: from real simple, 7: unknown 8: by vladimir}


the color of fall

" autumn, the year's last, loveliest smile."
William Cullen Bryant
{photos by: 1 by fancy treehouse, 2 by sarah winward, 3 via ruche, 4 by andrea brugi via 79 ideas, 5 via a glamorous little side project, 6 by tara donne arrangement by nicolette camille 7 via haute design}


a caramel apple party

no season excites me the way fall does.  i love the crispness of the air, the changing of the leaves and the distant sound of parents and coaches cheering at the soccer games.  i embrace the season fully, buying pumpkin after pumpkin, lighting all the candles in the house and baking.  the house smells of nutmeg, cinnamon and apples.  one of my favorite things to do during the fall season is make caramel apples.  i've been doing it for years now.  this year i invited my sisters and a few girl friends over.  we drank homemade apple cider spiked with whiskey and laughed while decorating our apples with caramel and other toppings.  here's to fall!
to make the caramel sauce, i just melted down tiny squares of caramel(unwrapping the caramels takes forever...it's nice to have a friend or sister or both help) and stirred in a little cream.


green + gold

i'm very inspired by green and gold right now...must be the changing of the seasons. would be perfect for a fall or winter wedding.
{photos; 1 by dixie pixel; 2 via pinterest; 3 unknown; 4 by jose villa; 5 by steep street; 6 by jose villa}


just peachy

a little something more sent over by the fabulous kelty at steep street... pretty details piece by piece from the wedding of chris + jenee.
{photo by steep street}