much love monday: cupcake toppers

I love these little cupcake toppers by Andrea. They would be perfect for valentines or a wedding. How-to instructions here.
{image by Jade + Matthew; much love monday by much love}


inspiration board: vintage sweetheart

So i am totally inspired by valentines right now. Maybe it's the new floral job i got to help with the valentines rush, or maybe it's the romantic feeling i get when looking at pretty valentinesy things. Either way, I'm loving pink, and I'm not usually a pink girl, but i like it a lot more then red roses... thus this board was born.

vintage sweetheart


jade and stripes

So i thought I'd try something new today. I have all these beautiful plants that I'd love to share with you. Let me know if you like this and would like to see more from my "nursery" that is my house.
This here is my mama jade, she is about 35 years old. I recently lost half of her to root rot, it was horribly sad. I am what some would call a "smotherer", I over love, over water, over play with... you get the idea. Well it was so hard not to water my jade as normal this winter and thus the poor thing got a nasty case of root rot. 
What i love so much about jades is that they are so easy to propagate. This mama has given me so many fabulous gifts. I think most of my friends have received baby jade from her. Here is a cutting that i kept for myself.
Like my stripped sweater? I am joining in everybody, everywear today for the first time. Kinda fun. Obviously it's stripes day.


much love monday: vintage crate shelves

My hubby helped me put up these old crate boxes i found at a local antique shop. Our bathrooms are so small with no counter space at all, so i decided to use these boxes as shelves... what do you think? I love them.
{photos by me, much love monday by much love}


have a beautiful weekend!

Things are looking up for me! This was a good week. I am grateful for new friends, new dance classes and an exciting new floral design job.
{ photos by Jan Masny; this week i'm grateful for by maxabella loves}


a day bed

I would stay here day and night
{photo by ditte isager}


inspiration board: in the need for color

I don't know about you all, but I am sick of these dark, rainy days. I am ready for the energy of the sun. Ready to spend all day at the park, reading and watching the clouds make shapes in the sky. This inspiration board was inspired by my need for some color.

burst of color
{for photo credits, click on board then move mouse over picture}


much love monday: art projects

Well my hubby is off to school this week and i need something to keep me busy while he's learning the ways of the constitution. I have a few projects i am going to play with, one being this tea tin cactus garden seen at pure and noble. I have so many tea tins (i drink way too much tea), and i love this idea on how to reuse them.
{image 1 by andrea lauren, 2 via pure and noble; much love monday by much love 


have a beautiful weekend!

May your weekend be filled with blanket forts and laughter. I plan on reading (probably NOT in the bathtub, but i might get inspired you never know) and helping my hubby get ready for the start of semester 2 of his first year of law school. See you monday.
{images via we heart it}


mid-week blues

I have a case of the mid-week blues (did i just make that up?). I think i need this dress to cheer me up.

{dress by Lisa Krizner-George of Vanilla Pink Bespoke Bridal via wedding soiree}


floating garden

I love this. I wonder if i could figure out how to make my own. It would be such an awesome and unique backdrop for a ceremony site, or used in your home to display your blooming beauties. I am totally out of counter space in my little apartment and would love to have these hanging around the house! ( I wounder if they would survive my cats).
{string gardens via a cup of joe}


the dance

{photos by Lili Rose}

much love monday

I know this isn't my usual type of post, but right now i am really loving home and interior design. I am so ready to own a house and make it my own creation of a home... it would have a little of all this.
love that funky chandelier! 
I want this bathroom!!! 
lots and lots of books
that couch!!!
love the bedspread.

It could happen....one day.

{ photos: petra bindel via my paradissi, 2 via my paradissi, 3, Gaellel le boulicaut via my paradissi, anthro. much love monday brought to you by much love}


have a beautiful weekend!

Sorry I haven't been around much, I have been enjoying the holiday season with family and friends. But i am back and excited for the year ahead! Hope you all have a weekend full of sunshine and flowers.
{bloom magazine issue 13}