have a beautiful weekend!

Things are looking up for me! This was a good week. I am grateful for new friends, new dance classes and an exciting new floral design job.
{ photos by Jan Masny; this week i'm grateful for by maxabella loves}


Maxabella said...

Congratulations on your new job. I think being a floral designer would be a fine job indeed. I love hanging out at the florists so I'm pretty sure I would be very happy.

Lovely to see you join in today!! x

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new job, I feel the same about the one I just started as well. Love the pic you chose, it's stunning.

Naturally Carol said...

Floral design? What does that entail? Sounds great whatever...working with flowers must be good.

Tat said...

I love dance! What dance classes do you go to?

sarah // SELVA floral design said...

thank you for all the sweet comments!
Tat, i am taking a modern dance class and "blues dancing" for the first time...so fun!