much love monday

I know this isn't my usual type of post, but right now i am really loving home and interior design. I am so ready to own a house and make it my own creation of a home... it would have a little of all this.
love that funky chandelier! 
I want this bathroom!!! 
lots and lots of books
that couch!!!
love the bedspread.

It could happen....one day.

{ photos: petra bindel via my paradissi, 2 via my paradissi, 3, Gaellel le boulicaut via my paradissi, anthro. much love monday brought to you by much love}


Tatter Beans said...

Im in love with the tea pot and books... and the bedroom.. I would in no way have any trouble sleeping there :)

Rachie @ A Chi Chi Affair said...

If i had that kitchen i would sit and drink tea all day! :-)
Rachie xo

Anonymous said...

PINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The chandelier you love is PINK. That's my girl!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Awesome bed spread by the way.