colored lights

i love me some bright and colored christmas lights!  they are so fun and playful... i'm thinking i need to put some more up in my house!
{photos: 1 from better homes and gardens, 2 by haley sheffield via the sweetest occasion, 3 by erica george dines via dj }



i made some christmas cards and tags recently... super simple design, but oh so fun.
i sold a few of them at a holiday bazzar, but i still have a few left if you would like them.  thanks to my beautiful friend amber for these photos.


beautiful bouquets

some beautiful bouquets... designers that inspire me...hope you find inspiration here too...
i'm really loving reds, dark purples and whites this season. they make for such statement arrangements.
{1: floral design by kat flower, photo by elizabeth messina; 2: floral design by sarah winward photo by jessica peterson 3: floral design and photo by flowerwild}



inspiration from this post... beauty can be found everywhere... even in mud.
{photos from bloom magazine issue # 14}


passion flower

so some of you may know this already, but i recently got hired on at this amazing little store in downtown eugene (blog here) as the floral design manager... and i couldn't be more excited!  what does this mean i am going to be doing with my own business you may ask yourself... well i am still available for hire in the portland area and if you are looking for me to do your flowers in the eugene area then come see me at the shop and i will put something super rocken' together for you!
{photos by: 1 by juli, 2 via pinterest, 3 by irene, 4 by kohei }


wedding whites

some beautiful white details for his eyes only...lingerie by claire pettibone plus a warm breeze blowing in through a window will make for one sexy night.  sounds so lovely... now i'm dreaming of a second honey moon.
{lingerie in photo 1,5,6 &7 by claire pettibone, photos by kiss the groom; photo 2 by danske; 3 &4 via pinterest }



well i have brought out my christmas decor, am listening to christmas music and have started decorating!  my house is starting to fill up with white twinkle lights and tons and tons of red candles (where did they all come from!?)... now i'm starting to dream in red.
{photos by: 1 from bloom magazine issue #17; 2,3,4 and 5 via pinterest }

blown away

{by luke and chloe via my modern met}


happy thanksgiving

wishing you all a beautiful thanksgiving, full of family, flowers and lots of food!
{photo by kari herer}


for the day

"the longer I live, the more beautiful life becomes. If you foolishly ignore beauty, you will soon find yourself without it. Your life will be impoverished. But if you invest in beauty, it will remain with you all the days of your life."
frank lloyd wright
{ photos: 1 from bloom magazine issue #21, 2 via pinterest , 3 unknown }


on the table

this dark and stormy fall day has got me wanting to stay in and cook all day.
{photos from bloom magazine issues # 19 & 20}


dreaming of...

paris!  oh i want to be sitting outside of a little bistro, in the warm sunshine, sipping a french red wine and watching beautiful people walk by... doesn't that sound lovely? i have to admit that this little desire is promoted by this beautiful new hotel that is being opened up in downtown eugene... a little vacation from the city right in the middle of the city. perfect.
{ photos via this is glamorous }


sneak peek: katie + adam

my friends katie and adam just tied the knot a few weeks back. they had a small intimate wedding in ashalnd oregon.  i did a simple bouquet of hand-picked lavender and sage for them.  here is a little peek, more to come soon.


wedding whites

happy monday!  i thought i'd start off the new week with some white details to inspire your wedding day.  here's to a beautiful week!
{photos; 1 by oskar cecere, 2 via pinterest, 3 by renam christofoletti via a glamorous...,4 via dustjacket, 5 by elizabeth messina