flowers around

i picked these beauties from my mother-in-laws yard a few weeks back and thought I'd share them.  i love the deep rich purple of the lilacs.  i have had peonies in my house ever since the first blooms were ready this year (which seemed to take forever!). right now i have three different bouquets in my house that i made for a photo shoot that i did today... you will have to wait to see those till the end of the week. 
{head over to small but charming to see more flowers in the house}


Urbanstems said...

Lovely stems and the peonies are seriously wow! Sinead ps see you over at Jane's!

flwrjane said...

Love it all, the rich color of the lilac and those Sarah's , heaven.

Beautiful photos.

Can't wait to see the other bouquets this week:)

xo Jane

bowstreetflowers said...

That lilac is unreal! I've never seen a variety that dark.
(love the Ranch Wedding)!

webb said...

our peonies and lilacs have both been gone so long that it is lovely to see that someone is still able to enjoy them.

Sarah Klassen said...

How pretty!