lets all wear flowers // in the hair

i am a huge fan of using jasmine vine for little flower headbands because it is so beautiful and it bends quite nicely, making it easy to wrap around the head. here i used jasmine vine as the base for the headband and then wired on a few pops of color, using poppies and anemones. first i took a few pieces of jasmine vine and attached them, using a very thin wire, to make one long stem, and then wrapped them around my head to create the base. i then wired a few flowers to the jasmine vine. and just like that you have a super cute and simple flower headband, perfect for any festival or evening in the park.
{photos by jane in the woods}
photo outtake: tips getting in the middle of everything...oh how i miss him...

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the Jasmine Vine tip! Ill have to try that.