lets all wear flowers // around the wrist

today i am going to show you how to  make a floral bracelet. i used rannunculus as my main flower and then used some mock orange blooms and a few dusty miller and fern leaves as little accents. start by cutting your stems super short and then arrange the flowers, putting the main flower in the middle and using your accent flowers to fill in, then use floral tape to tape it all together. then take a piece of ribbon and cut a whole in the middle, large enough for the short stems of you little floral posey to fit through. put the taped flower ends through your whole and then take some floral glue and glue around the whole on the backside of your bracelet, this will keep the flowers from falling through the whole. once the glue has dried you can tie it on! i would wear this one out dancing...gotta show it off! ;)
{photos by jane in the woods}

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