it's all in the details: guest book

i'm loving these unique guest book ideas... the finger tree, here designed by the groom, where each guest leaves a finger print on the tree.
i also love this unique idea that my sister came up with for her wedding... she and her husband took poloroid pictures of themselves, enough for all their guests, before the wedding. then they hung them during the reception of the wedding and asked each of their guests to exchange a photo of themselves for a picture of the couple.  the best part was looking at all the cute pictures of the couple and the pictures each guest took.  now they have a pile of poloroids of each of their guests sitting on their coffee table that they can thumb through, and each guest as a poloroid picture of the lovely couple to remember the day by.  
{photos 1&2 by joli photographie; 3,4,5,6,7&8 by phillip wise photography}

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amberlee said...

these ideas are wonderful!