it's all in the details: yarn balls

I've blogged about yarn balls before but wanted to do it again because i love them so much. 
I love them colored with the rainbow.  
I also love them filled with flowers.
I love them used as the backdrop to your ceremony.
and i love them hanging above your dinner table.  How to instructions here
you can also make them using doilies or lace (the lace is my fav!!!) instructions here

{photos by, 1: evan foster via juicy bits, 2,3&4 by sarah rhoads, 5&6 by ee photography, 7 by dos family }


Bridget said...

Beautiful. I love them. Also... She's wearing a Sarah Seven dress!!

Erin*Sparkle&Hay said...

aaah!!! i love these so much! so fun!

mykiss love said...

I love the flowers in the balls, Im going to make some!!