i'm addicted

it's true.  i have a problem.  i am addicted to buying flowers.  i buy flowers for my home before i buy groceries for my husband.  we may not have money to go out and watch a movie on date night, but at least my house is full of color. anyone else have the same problem as i do? here are the flowers you would see in my house today.
tulips, ranunculus and wax flower... and one of my beautiful cats, tips.
{photos by me; head over to small but charming to see more flowers in the home}


flwrjane said...

So happy you joined us again.

Those are my favorite color ranunculus, I just planted bulbs in those tones.

Flowers in the house are as necessary to me as coffee and skim milk.

xo jane

L said...

wow! It's good to have beautiful flowers in the house..it really brightens up the house & lifts the mood, good for health! :D