green + gold

i'm very inspired by green and gold right now...must be the changing of the seasons. would be perfect for a fall or winter wedding.
{photos; 1 by dixie pixel; 2 via pinterest; 3 unknown; 4 by jose villa; 5 by steep street; 6 by jose villa}


Kelty said...

Ha- that second to last one is by me! Funny they didn't mention it... lots of links upon links, I guess.

More feathers from that one here!:http://steepstreet.blogspot.com/2010/12/feathers-fog-katie-nate.html

Loving green and gold right now, too! xo

sarah{thegreendandelion} said...

oh my gosh! thank you for letting me know! i hate not having the right credits on the blog! hope you are well!