lets all wear flowers // in the hair

this week we are making a floral crown, one that i wore to a party the other day. the floral crown is a little more challenging than some of the other body flower pieces, but still totally manageable, just a little more time is required. i used spray roses, rannunculus and lisianthus in the floral crown cause they hold up really well out of water, i also put a few anemones in there for dramatic flair and used wax flower and andromedia as my filler flowers. first you want to cut all your stems and wire your flowers, using the hairpin method. then take a length of wire (however big you want your crown to be) and make a loop on both ends. then start putting together little groupings of flowers and tape them together using floral tape. once you have your little groupings of flowers tapped together, then you can start tapping them onto your long wire. just do a little bit at a time until you have covered the length of your wire in flowers.
 keep your stems real short, using each new bundle of flowers to cover the previous added flower stems and tape.
 thread your ribbon through your little loops you made on each end of your wire and then tape on your last grouping of flowers with stems facing the opposite way you had been placing them to cover up the last of your stems, wire and tape. your crown is now complete and can be tied onto your head. 

{photos by jane in the woods}

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Müge Dandik said...

i just discovered your blog and adored your posts! i loved the bohemian style with all these lovely flowers. nice photos! :)

come look at my DIY blog also, it will be pleasure for me. Ciao!