have a beautiful weekend!

I've got family coming in town this weekend and I'm excited about it! I'm grateful for the comfort and joy of being with them ... and the nice steak dinner we will have tonight! :)
{photo by phillip wise photography, at my sisters wedding. Thank you to maxabella loves, for the "grateful" inspiration.


Mummahh said...

Gorgeous photo! im always greatful for family, they are such a blessing.
love your blog, im now following.

Maxabella said...

What a good looking bunch you are! Enjoy your time together, Sarah. x

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful photo! I am looking forward to a family brunch here tomorrow as well. I love getting together with my family.

sarah // SELVA floral design said...

thank you for the sweet comments! ( and I love having new followers! :))

Naturally Carol said...

I love seeing family photos too...people always look so comfortable with each other. That is so evident in this photo...that you all love one another's company!