reading in the sun

This week was full of beautiful sunshine. I am so grateful that i was able to spend some time soaking up some rays (through my down jacket, cause it was COLD) and read. 
I am reading, and totally loving wuthering heights by emily bronte.

{photo via we hear it, this week i'm grateful for by maxabella loves}


Being Me said...

Oooh you're making me all nostalgic for the classics again!

Maxabella said...

I adore that image. And I envy you your reading in the sun!

Now I have a certain Kate Bush song in my head... x

kasiabear said...

gorgeous photo..
i so wish i was a reader..

Melinda's Stories said...

definatley with you on that, I LOVE reading in the sun.

melissa said...

Nothing better than reading in the sun.