I am so loving this wonderland collection by kristy mitchell.  Seeing as i love flowers so much, it makes me so excited to see them used in different artistic mediums.
I love how she uses the natural beauty of the world around her to add to the magic within her photos.
That umbrella above is covered entirely of foxglove, made by kristy. She actually designed and made all the costumes and accessories for the collection herself! Talk about a talented girl.  You gotta go check out the rest of the collection, and the behind the scene shots! It is amazing, and the story behind the inspiration for the project will bring tears to your eyes.
{photography by kristy mitchell via my modern met}


Unknown said...

Wow! These are incredible. Beautiful and kind of weird which I really like.

Anonymous said...

Wow these images are magical

shopgirl said...

Wow! These photos are truly amazing! Thanks for sharing them. I shall go have a look now at her website.

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